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1.   Astaetech is one of the best provider I have ever used. Excellent service and work. Its a MUST for anyone who is serious to build a GREAT website with Astaetech. Thanks for the Great Work! Especially to Anoop!

Mr. Philip

2.   Anoop did a great job for me. After he completed the work when there were bugs he was very quick in his response and in fixing them. A+.

Mr. Mike (Cybernotch)

3.   Even though several issues arose which caused a delay from the orginal schedule, all issues were resolved within a reasonable time frame. Yes, I would contract them again for future projects.

Mr. Charles

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Services :
Web Designing : It is the perfect combination of creativity & credibility. We provide web-designing services in India & abroad. Creative web solutions offer you Internet presence that reflects your ideas in your web site & meets your objectives by capturing biz world. If you need to get you noticed, please do not hesitate to contact us because we are here to help in establishing you in the field of World Wide Web.

Small Business Website Design: gain the competitive edge. A website promotes your services to the world, attracts new business and captures information from interested visitors.

Corporate Web Design and Web Tools: Benefit from our range of new media services - web enabled: Shopping cart websites, Websites Content Management system, product catalog websites, and Jewellery product manager website designing.

Our expert team of web developers gives interactivity & creativity to your web site or portal, which gives a positive impact on your targeted customers. Check out our popular value-packed deals along with the the live sites we've designed. The quality combined with the price make these deals unbeatable and we highly recommend these packages to all our clients. We're sure that Entheos has the perfect web design solution for you! Each of the sites we design are unique and tailor-made for our clients. All the packages include 3 unique layout options from which you can choose the final design.

Get Started Now! Choose the package that best suits your requirements.

Web Development : Maximize your Exposure and get results! Creative provides advance ecommerce portals. With the growing trends of globalization, each and every business firm is willing to expand its reach. We offer excellent web solution to them i.e. Portals! B2B Portal enables to find out a big chain working in the business field, which may help entrepreneur to open new horizons of business. Get your business on the web and be seen 24 hours a day! Best of all, it's easy and inexpensive - especially when you consider how many people you can reach!

We will work with you to put together a complete marketing package that will put your business on the web. With our complete range solutions - including design, graphics work, Flash animation, e-commerce, updates & maintenance, search engine publicity and even the mobile internet - you can't go wrong! Check out our 5 easy steps to a new web site portal, a mobile internet site, updating your current site, or an easy to use e-Commerce site - web portal.

B2C portals provide wide customer base to business institutions. They provide vast database, which may help to market the products directly to the targeted consumers. B2B & B2C portals are beneficial for manufacturers, wholesellers, retailers & customers also. Development of portals is based on information, requirment & need of particular business field.

Continuous improvement & timely changes are essential for each & every web site or portal developed by us. Therefore we provide redesigning facility to our existing and new clients. If you browse around for a few minutes and discover that your site is lacking something that does not attract the internet surfer to see it again & again, you must redesign your existing website. You have to add some graphics, flash/animation etc. to it & make it catchy. We provide always new & attractive packages for consumer's absolute satisfaction. With the help of our web solutions, our client must achieve his highest aim.

Content Management System : CMS systems allow anyone to edit his or her website, regardless of technical skill level. Pages can be added or changed easily without knowing any intricate coding. Many websites that use CMS resemble a portal design. This type of system also works well if multiple people or departments will be making updates to the website.

A well integrated CMS means that your organisation can work faster and faster to make internal resources available to customers and transform information services into a primarily self-service function, increase the use of existing or available information, use content in multiple contexts, avoid inaccurate and outdated content.

For organisations that are seriously considering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your website, content management system or CMS should be the central piece of your SEO strategy.

The features of our CMS are:
    • Change and update web design and page content directly without knowing HTML
    • Change web page content directly on the web site without going through the CMS back-end.
    • Manage your marketing banner campaign integrated with in your web design.
    • Choose what and when to publish through CMS.
    • Through CMS user management, allow one person to edit content, locking others out.
    • Upload any types of files to any web page.
    • Manage your albums, photos and other media files within the web design.

Web Templates : What makes our templates stand out from other templates is that they are not just single page static websites. Our templates include hi-tech features like, drop menus or art galleries, contact forms, quote forms, Mp3 and Podcasting, PDF galleries, Paypal shopping carts, Paypal order forms, 2CO carts or forms, Flash animation and more. We are always developing new templates and new features in an attempt to allow any user to build and set up their own top quality website. Professional developers and large corporations use our templates to represent themselves every day. For some examples, you can view our list of template users.

Providing website template designs for corporate professionals as well as any small business. Business templates may include HTML on-line submission and quotes forms with drop menus for larger websites.CSS based drop menu website templates. Available in larger corporate sites as well as smaller websites for starter businesses planning to expand. Plain text global menus for easy editing and updates.Easy to setup Paypal shopping cart website templates. Options can be added to the forms for colors, sizes, and more

For organisations that are seriously considering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your website, content management system or CMS should be the central piece of your SEO strategy.

E-Commerce Soln. : The phenomenon of conducting any sorts of transactions with the help of electronic communication technology such as the Internet, e-books, e-mail, extranets, mobile phone , and databases if popularly known as “E-Commerce”.The center of an e-commerce online store is the shopping cart. Shopping basket, online shopping cart, web store, e catalog and shopping carts. are appropriate metaphors of the familiar trolley used in supermarkets. People go to supermarkets, push shopping carts. through the aisles, pick and choose the items needed. They add and remove items from the carts. without much effort or thought.

Shopping cart software is an effort to translate the ease and control over purchasing in the real world (to which people are so accustomed), to the electronic world of online shopping. It is essentially an extension of a simple order form. A simple order form is generally limited in the amount of interactivity it gives to the customer, and allows a limited number of products and options

Expand your customers/membership base naturally through referrals. Promotes referrals amongst your existing customers/members using reward/incentive schemes.Expand your customers/membership base naturally through referrals. Promotes referrals amongst your existing customers/members using reward/incentive schemes.Allows for the scheduling of messages to be dispatched at a future date. Messaging can also be scheduled to be dispatched based on some user data fields, i.e. emails or smses can be scheduled to be dispatched 3 days prior to the members' birthdays.

Major components of this service include:
    • Electronic funds transfer
    • Online transaction processing
    • E-marketing, online marketing
    • Supply chain management
    • Electronic data interchange (EDI)
    • Automated data collection systems
    • Automated inventory management systems

Open Source Cust. : India is one good option for outsourcing web design. The education system and skilled man-power are the strong points for immense growth of the outsourcing market in India. ‘Outsourcing’ is the process of dividing the work and handing over some part of the internal working of the company to another firm on payment basis. This transfer of some tasks is very helpful when the work is too much and the cost of human resource is exceeding than what you can offer.

We provide a creative array of solutions from 'concept to implementation'. Asta E-Technologies is a company to think of whenever you plan to outsource your web or software development needs, either in a project/product development mode or by having a dedicated team working for you.

We have a clientele of outsourcing covering US, UK, Europe, Australia, Germany, Singapore and Middle East.

Being based India our design outsourcing site solution web have been much cost effective than most of other firms. And our clients make most out of it because of the tax benefits of trading in India. The unique graphics, design aesthetics, design technique and programming are some of the outstanding features of Asta E-Technologies.

Being based India our design outsourcing site solution web have been much cost effective than most of other firms. And our clients make most out of it because of the tax benefits of trading in India. The unique graphics, design aesthetics, design technique and programming are some of the outstanding features of Asts E-Technologies.

Search Engine Optimization :

Search Engine Optimization is the strategy that fetches international exposure for our customers. The techniques used in the optimization process are unique and very well designed to meet the requirements for increased traffic. Because higher is the ranking more is the chance of people visiting the site and more will be the profitability.

Most of the SEO firms ensure that they provide highest ranking in the top most search engines but, one main concept behind this is the “keyword” for which they are providing the service.

At times, the SEO companies provide optimization for obscure words that many people don’t know except for the SEO Experts themselves.

So rely on the best. Search Engine Results:

Every time you fill a word for search that gets results for two types-

• Real result is simply a list of those sites that have content relevant to that word. The ranking of a website depends upon how compatible that content of the website is to that word and also, how important that content is.

Mind you 87% of the traffic to any site is directed though real results and NOT PAID.

• The next category is the Paid” or “Sponsored links”. It amounts to that result which the search engine gets paid for and depends how much you pay and definitely on the quality of work done. Pay Per click, simply refers to the scheme according to which the advertiser has to pay only, when the user has clicked on the link.

Two main arrows for targeting higher ranks in search engines are-:

• Keywords-: Those words or collection of words that brings the user to search engine and lands right into your website. More the amount of relevancy and importance of the content written higher your website ranks!

• Links Generation-: How search engines judge the importance of the matter in your website? The answer is “linking”. They tell the search engines how important your site is and depending on that the search engines decide the height of ranking by judging the importance for them to display it at the top of the ranking result.

• Copy Writing: Web content is always going to be the king of SEO. Unless the content is actually having those efficient keywords, its almost of no use. Copy writing is the activity of writing the content which includes the keywords in the most profitable manner.

Another term associated with the Copy writing is Copy editing in which the content is often updated depending upon the hierarchy of keyword importance. Every time a website is made it gets registered with the search engines and they actually analyze the entire content and index i.e. record the details in turn providing your website the kind of ranking it deserves.


Logo Design : In modern times, to create a "statement", it is mandatory to have something unique and exclusive. Logos, Flyers, Newsletters, Catalogue are a few mediums that allow you to have an indirect contact with your clients. They have an exceptional ability to create a memory of you in the minds of customers. At Royalways Technologies we prefer to leave no stone unturned to create it all with a designer’s instinct thus, generating an impression hard to forget.

A good logo is unique, and not subject to confusion with other logos among customers, is functional and can be used in many different contexts while retaining its integrity. A good logo should remain effective reproduced small or large, can work in "full-color", but also in two color presentation (black and white), spot color or halftone.

A good logo should be able to maintain its integrity printed on various fabrics or materials as in some cases shape of the product may distort the logo. It should abide by basic design principles of space, color, form, consistency, and clarity all integrated together to represent your business in the most appropriate manner.

Logo design creates strong brand recognition and familiarity for a business. It makes people think of your service or product as soon as they sight it. Even if your logo for example does not say cars, people still know what your company sells.

At Asta E-Technologies, our theme of working is to create a design from a scratch and meaning from letters. Till date, we have designed logos of big corporate houses.

Our unique conceptualization and ideology make us all the more different and diverse.

At Asta E-Technologies, we aim to keep your customers reminded of your existence. Latest news and developments all can be recorded and demonstrated to the customers via newsletters. Our team of designers and writers make every sincere effort to make the concept of newsletter just more than a leaflet. They are designed so well, that they actually exhibit the idea of conveying your presence in the financial market.
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